Actually, he or she can't. And that's not a bad thing. The usage of social media all depends on the target group and the degree of relations he/she wants to develop.

Recruitment activities and employer branding are transforming since the rise of the new media. These new social media create various opportunities for recruiters and their communications, but there are also big pitfalls which can instantaneously harm the organization’s reputation and impression that was build up so carefully in previous decennia. Online conversations can become the most important information source for the current digital natives. Consequently, an employer brand could be primarily defined by people external to the organization.

As such, before using social media for recruitment objectives, the whole concept of social media has to be understood and the different possible marketing and communication applications for organizations’ recruitment activities have to be evaluated. The goal of this report is to establish a first and general – not comprehensive – overview of social media and implementations for recruitment purposes, aimed at young graduates. In essence, a social media presence of the employer brand on a meta level.

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